Currently, Becoming Intuitive offers

three types of one on one sessions:

Psychic Mentoring

Gabrielle will empower you to move from where you are currently, into a place of deeper joy, empowerment and peace of mind. She will read messages from your Guides, Spirit team and from your own Auric Field. Gabrielle will channel messages to help bring you deeper clarity and purpose in your life. 

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Akashic Reading

Are you ready to understand your life on a deeper level? If so, Gabrielle will read your book of life in the Akashic library and help you understand your energetic self at a new and deeper level. 

This reading will untangle the questions you have held onto for years and get ready to step forward with clarity and purpose.


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Quantum healing

The Quantum Healing is a facilitated session that offers a safe and natural journey into your own personal universe.

Allowing you to step into a place where it's safe for you to energetically let go of the past and Quantum leap into the future.


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