What are the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is best described as a metaphysical library of energy that's filled with an infinite resource. The Records are an energetic imprint of your soul's journey, including past lives, your present life, future possibilities and why your soul is incarnated in this specific lifetime. 

In its simplest form, the most significant aspect the Akashic Records can unlock is finding your soul's purpose of why you are here. The Akashic Records provides an energetic exchange that is uplifting, inspiring and healing on many levels, including emotional, physical and energetic. The Records offer techniques and rituals that can be used to release and heal what blocks arise during readings. After a reading, clients walk away feeling aligned, centred and balanced. 


Gabrielle's Process

The Akashic Records by her own Prayer 'The Prayer of connection '. This Prayer allows Gabrielle to channel the energy of the Records.

All readings are client-directed and begin with a meditation. Gabrielle will then open your Records. You may bring questions with you to a session, or as Gabrielle says, you could go with the flow. From here, Gabrielle channels the answers to your soul's questions.


Topics that are commonly explored are:

  • Your natural abilities and talents
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Soul Lessons
  • Soul families
  • Health, and so much more. 


Book an Akashic Record Reading

One-to-one Akashic Readings are offered via Zoom. They are available worldwide. Book a session below.


My reading was transformative in every way! The reading was empowering and motivating! It helped me make important decisions about my work and spiritual practice. I am grateful to Gabrielle and the Sirians for their guidance.

- Katee

My reading was off the charts! So supportive. So inspiring. And entirely in alignment with where I was at! I love how Gabrielle doesn't hold back and just gives it to you straight! Makes it so much more digestible and potent.

- Sarah

My reading unblocked so much for me that I didn’t even know I had to release! Everything she channeled was of incredible knowledge and the guidance that I needed to move forward and step into my authentic self to create what I want ☺️ I’m forever grateful and have seen so many shifts happen since speaking with her ✨

- Ashley