Connect to your higher self the Mentorship

A three-month Mentorship, designed to help you find yourself through the shadows, search and reshape the beliefs holding you back, and transform into your highest, most intuitive self.

Are you sick of feeling out of alignment? Do you dream about having a clear connection to the universe? Do you wish you had an inner guiding compass that was leading you in the right direction each day?

This Mentorship is designed to take you to the next level, to awaken your higher self. You will connect to the cosmos that lies within you, learn to chat to your guides, higher self and inner child. You will learn to hear the whispers from the universe that will help steer you in an aligned direction.

You're made of stardust, you are born with a natural disposition to be intuitive, and you are already receiving intuitive hits without even knowing it. This kind of deep connection isn't just for Psychics, tarot readers, and Mediums. This is something you can learn to connect to.

In this busy, chaotic life, we have lost the connection to the cosmos around us and ourselves. This disconnection has left us feeling unsure of how to step forward with passion and purpose. Throughout the hundreds of readings that I have given, I have seen the ever-growing need for connection. This is why I have created this 1:1 Individual Mentorship so it can be designed for your blueprint, to help you reconnect to source (or as I like to call it, the Cosmos), your inner wisdom, higher self and even get guidance from your guides.

 If you are seeking a genuine connection, this course is for you!

 Take a deep breath and see if this resonates with you; trust; you know the answer. If so, you are about to learn how to tap into your Intuition on demand, find your inner voice, unlock the intricate nature of your chakra system so true healing can begin. Learn to become your inner compass so you can stop seeking wisdom outside of yourself. You are about to become psychic.

If any of these resonate below, it's time to step into the healing light.


✓ I feel I don't have enough. 

✓ I don't understand why I am here.

✓ I cant see my divine purpose.

✓ I feel lost.

✓ I'm not heard or seen by my family.

✓ I feel I want to HELP everyone.  


Does any of this describe you? 

✓ You feel the heaviness of the world deeply - sometimes it's overwhelming 

✓ You feel exhausted around certain people

✓ Other people's mood easily rubs off on you 

✓ You often feel guilty setting boundaries 

✓ You are a recovering people-pleaser, but it still tends to show up in your life

✓ You find yourself minimising your needs and dimming your light so that others will feel comfortable

✓And you're getting pretty tired. 

 If one of these relates to you, stepping forward into this Mentorship will enable you to heal through these pains. These pains are stored in your body and clog the channel where messages run through you! Once the healing works begin, you will naturally start to receive universal wisdom. Throughout this three month mentorship, you will receive guidance on how to open up your intuitive gifts to receive true clarity on your purpose. 

This connection will become your Guide, so you don't have to move ahead unsure anymore. The relationship with your Guide will be one you take with you every day for the rest of your life. You are not alone, and you will forever be able to feel that. True clarity lies on the other side. 


  • A 2-hour 1:on:1 onboarding call. This call will help me establish your intention for our time together.
  • 1.5-hour 1:on:1 Zoom calls 3x per month. These calls will be guided through the Akashic Records, your Guides and Higher-self. 
  • Unlimited 1:on:1 voice message (a free voice noting app) for the duration of our time together, so I can answer questions even on days we don't have a call booked. (This is between 9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday)
  • Soul Study Unique guided tasks given by our Guides to help you grow, ascend and practice your intuitive gifts. 
  • Workbooks and journaling prompts
  • Custom made meditations & EFT for you and your goals.

Gabrielle is currently booked out for 1:1 Mentorships until June 2022


Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.