Become the healer you were born to be. 9 Month Mentorship

It is for those who don't just want to learn to be a healer, but how to embody it mind, body and soul. You learn to heal yourself and understand energy, so you can learn to heal others.

Inside do you feel you have a burning desire to help others? However, at the same time, do you feel like you are not yet helping yourself? I know this feeling well and how this feeling can take over daily thoughts. Deep down, you know you're meant to be big, give to others and yourself, but you're unsure how to give to yourself. I see the yearning to want more, be more and be of service. Beautiful soul, let me tell you that you CAN have it all! You are not asking for too much. It is possible to give from a full cup, live a life of abundance and have fun daily! 

Do you put others first and give and give until there is no more? Do you wish you could put yourself first, listen to your Intuition and feel confidently guided with grace and ease? I know first hand what it is like to give everything away and not feel anything in return, this is the place I lived from for so long, and I want you to have more. 

Life in alignment flows, and this is where you will be headed on this journey. Becoming your Inner Healer has to do with self-healing and on this 9-month radical self-healing and learning journey. I help you unlock your hidden potential and guide you to stand out in a crowd. This is your purpose, and I want to help you find it! If you desire to become a healer, teacher, or Intuitive, this Mentorship will help you get there. 

As a healer and teacher, I see so many clients get caught in a healing loop for years when healing can happen in an instant. Don't get caught in the ocean's current of your emotions. Allow yourself to be guided forward. Through this nine-month journey, together, we will heal your limiting beliefs, ignite your self-worth, and unlock your destined abundance to ensure that whatever was holding you back in the past will no longer hold you back from being your higher self.

 Throughout this nine-month Mentorship, you will receive guidance on how to open up your Psychic gifts, to obtain true clarity on your purpose, how to give and receive energy naturally. With detailed guidance, you will channel on how you can move forward. You will learn the arts of reading energy and how to hold space for yourself and others and allow true healing to happen. 


  • To trust, honour and love yourself.
  • How to connect with your Guides, find your Intuition and hear the whispers of your mind, body and soul. 
  • Learn to give energy, healing, and clearing to yourself and for others. 
  • Master the art reading and diving deep into the Akashic records 
  • Uncover Reiki healing techniques (levels one and two) to empower you and others with the tools to heal yourself. 
  • Learn to give Psychic Readings  
  • Throughout this Mentorship, you will learn to hold space for yourself, and in doing so, you will learn to hold space for others; for what level we can go to ourselves, we can take others with us.  



  • Reiki Level One & Two
  • How to read the Akashic Records
  • Psychic Readings
  • Psychic Healings

You also receive over 10 hours of hands-on practice, which Gabrielle organises. By the end of the Mentorship, your will be able to hold space for others and understand your Dharma. And know how to hold intuitive guided sessions.




  • A 2-hour 1:on:1 onboarding call. This call will help me establish your intention to uncover the blocks holding you back for our time together. This session will include energy work and Intuition to forge a plan co-created with the universe. 
  • 1.5-hour 1:on:1 Zoom calls 2x per month. These calls will be guided through the Akashic Records, your Guides and Higher-self. 
  • 1x Monthly Group call with the women in this group to connect, grow and evolve together; this soul sister tribe will mirror how we develop and grow together. 
  • Unlimited 1:on:1 voice message (a free voice noting app) for the duration of our time together, so I can answer questions even on days we don't have a call booked. (This is between 9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday)
  • Soul Study Unique guided task given by our Guides to help you grow, ascend and practice your intuitive gifts. 




In this Mentorship, I will guide you back to the place of your Intuition. I will show you how to use your Intuition not just for yourself but for others.  


This is a coming home journey; you will find the true essence of self. This Mentorship is for those who want more than 'serve'; instead, they want to heal, learn, and take radical ownership of their lives. This Mentorship will guide you home to the seed of your soul; it will show you how the universe has whispered to you your whole life and help you find the clarity you are seeking. 


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