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Find out where your soul is incarnated from. This is much more than just about a few different star families, it also helps you find out if you are an Empath, Psychic, Starseed or Intuitive.

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I’m Gabrielle a 5D ascension Coach, I help empower the collective with the help of my light being team called the STARSA COLLECTIVE. So what is 5D and why do I use this term? 5D is a vibrational state of flow, ease and connection. Unlocking this frequency within is about returning to your natural intuitive state before society enslaved humanity to this eat, work, repeat cycle. It's about coming home to your soul blueprint, to the real you, before you were taught to exist in this “modern society.”

My mission is to help you connect to the cosmos that lies within you. You're made of stardust, all Intuitives, Empaths, and Star-seeds are born with a natural disposition to be channels/psychics, and you are already receiving these intuitive hits without knowing it. I help you remember your energetic sovereignty! Are you ready for this life to become easier? Are you sick of struggling? It is now time for you to step into your 5D highest self. Your life deserves to flow with ease, grace, abundance and love. Are you ready for ultimate alignment?! 

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Uplevel your energy with these meditations and connect even deeper with the Cosmos. Awaken your intuition and 5D-self.

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