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Are you ready to be Qualified as a healer, this is Gabrielle one of a kind Course. In this nine-month course, you become qualified as a Reiki practitioner, Akashic Records Reader, Psychic Healing & Readings. After nine months you are certified to be the healer your could were born to be. 

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I'm here to demystify what intuition really is!


If you are new to activating your intuition, you have been guided here. 

As a cosmic channel, I have been gifted a beautiful daily practice, Called the 'Activation Breath' - to activate your Channel & Third Eye, this is an easy practice to help you grow your intuition. I have personally been undertaking this daily practice for the past two years to strengthen my channel and I want to share this practice with you. 

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Helping you receive messages at each stage of your intuitive journey

Self-guided journey

Take a self-guided journey to grow your intuition with the guided activation breath, given by the council to Light.

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Having Gabrielle as my coach has been completely transformative. Working with her has been the best investment I have ever made. She has given me so much awareness and expanded my perception of the universe. I’m am so grateful for her guidance and ongoing support, which has brought me so much clarity. She held space for me and helped me heal. She brought me back to myself and helped me awaken my psychic abilities. She has given me the tools to continue to grow and evolve to be the best version of myself. I feel so blessed to have had her as my coach.



If you are looking to develop your psychic abilities and ground yourself into a deep knowing that you already have everything you need, Gabrielle is your woman! She has initiated me so beautifully into my natural strengths and intuitive skills. She has held space for me with compassion and love to move through the upheavals of uplevelling. I will always hold this experience close to my heart. It’s amazing to see how much more in tune I feel and trusting within the spiritual work. Gabrielle will hold you accountable to your visions and always be there to support you.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Working with Gabrielle has opened up a whole new world for me that I didn't know existed but feels like home. She has a beautiful ability to understand, encourage, guide, and adjust to whatever will be most supportive. I have learned so much about myself through working with her and through the course she created and am grateful that she has chosen to share her gifts with others.