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Welcome soul sisters and brothers  


This is a home for Starseeds, Empaths, psychic and those who long to build an intuitive connection. It’s an online transmission for those who are looking to build their intuitive gifts. Gabrielle's mission is to help all souls connect to their natural born gift of being intuitive.

Gabrielle founded this transmission on the basis  That assessing your intuition is as easy as breathing’ If you're ready to connect to your intuition and start your healing journey start here with Gabrielle's free content:

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These sessions are designed for those needing direction, who have just awakened or needing clarity of life direction, or for those looking to activate their intuition.Gabriele always suggest starting with an Akashic reading, unless you feel called to a past life or healing session.
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Gabrielle Bentley is helping you become the soul healer you were born to be

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This is an online world class training pioneer for sensitive souls, intuitive and starseeds who feel called to master the healing arts.

So they can heal themselves as they heal others,

Gabrielle Bentley is recognised as a pioneer Training provider through IICT and gives all students a certified recognition in their field. 

Gabrielle has created training like no other, she saw a gap in the industry, a space between embodiment of a modality and just receiving a certification and this is why Gabrielle created Soul Healer. The Soul Healer certification is a nine month supportive container not just to learn, but to embody and heal. It will help you embody a deeper level of self, you will release imposter syndrome and embody who your soul called you to be. 

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Six Week Course starting January 2023

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Psychic School - ten week deep dive into your psychic development

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Become a Healer

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What people say..



Having Gabrielle as my coach has been completely transformative. Working with her has been the best investment I have ever made. She has given me so much awareness and expanded my perception of the universe. I’m am so grateful for her guidance and ongoing support, which has brought me so much clarity. She held space for me and helped me heal. She brought me back to myself and helped me awaken my psychic abilities. She has given me the tools to continue to grow and evolve to be the best version of myself. I feel so blessed to have had her as my coach.


If you are looking to develop your psychic abilities and ground yourself into a deep knowing that you already have everything you need, Gabrielle is your woman! She has initiated me so beautifully into my natural strengths and intuitive skills. She has held space for me with compassion and love to move through the upheavals of uplevelling. I will always hold this experience close to my heart. It’s amazing to see how much more in tune I feel and trusting within the spiritual work. Gabrielle will hold you accountable to your visions and always be there to support you.